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Blue Sakura

If you ever find yourself in Enschede, The Netherlands you should definitely go to Blue Sakura Sushi Restaurant. In Minnesota, getting good sushi is like buying a diamond ring. You get what you pay for. Every time I bought sushi in Europe it has been 100 times better than any sushi in the states. What … Continue reading


Bentheim Castle

Going to Bentheim Castle was a really cool experience because it was my first castle I had ever gone to. It’s located in Lower Saxony, Germany in the city of Bad Bentheim. It’s a hill castle so you can guess what that means. You guessed it! It’s built on a hill (made of sandstone). This … Continue reading


Lutscher Alm

When I arrived in England I didn’t really feel any culture shock. I was in absolute awe of all the beautiful buildings and lovely accents but nothing was especially shocking. Now I’m in Holland. Being in Holland for two days has been a much bigger culture shock than my entire five weeks in England. I am … Continue reading


Goodbye England

Tomorrow I am leaving the United Kingdom. I can’t believe that my bag is entirely packed and ready to go. I fly out in six hours. My time here has been so wonderful and rewarding blah de blah blah de da blah. Alright I need to stop being a freaking sap. Here’s some practical advice: … Continue reading