Weekly Reflection 5/2/16

It’s May! rs_600x796-150430104629-CD20z_PVIAAfh6jTime has truly flown as it is now I am back in the States! It was so hard to go back but I have made so many unforgettable memories. In all I ended up going to a grand total of four countries and seventee cities!

  1. Stratford Upon Avon, UK
  2. Portsmouth, UK
  3. Oxford, UK
  4. Witney, UK
  5. Burford, UK
  6. London, UK
  7. Bath, UK
  8. Losser, ND
  9. Giethoorn, ND
  10. Keukenhof, ND
  11. Amsterdam, ND
  12. Enschede, ND
  13. Almar, ND
  14. Groneau, Germany
  15. Ban Bentheim, Germany
  16. Dublin, IRL
  17. Galway, IRL

Luck of the Irish

We arrived in Dublin, Ireland! Ireland was certainly my favorite country I went to. The landscape was absolutely gorgeous and the people were some of the nicest I ever met. We stayed in a lovely hotel the first night called The Spencer. It was right in the business district and a close walk to all of the pubs and shops downtown. I will say the beer in Dublin was ON POINT.


The Guinness Storehouse Experience

The Guinness Storehouse was way cooler than I could have ever imagined. We were able to find it after about fourty-five minutes walking in the rain. The brewery was really interesting. It had seven floors which are arranged around the world’s largest pint glass. Every floor had interactive exhibits that talked about the process of making Guinness, the advertising of Guinness throughout the years, and the top floor dedicated to the Gravity Bar. The Gravity Bar had a beautiful overlook of the entire city and it was entirely breathtaking. The bar was circular and in the middle of the giant glass room which was also circular. The walls were made of glass and there were hundreds of people drinking Guinness and chatting. We talked for awhile with an Irishman with an adorable accent and the bartenders were all really cool too.

Europe Haul

This post was a slightly mocking post on the infamous YouTube “Hauls”. I showed off all the stuff I bought while in Europe.








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