The Guinness Storehouse Experience

Slipping in a little blog post before I head down to Goherty’s Irish Pub for the last night in Dublin! In the morning I will be getting up, checking out of the hotel, and hopping on a bus to spend my last few days in Europe in Galway, IRL. It will be back to staying in hostels in Galway but that will be perfectly fine for our last two days. (I secretly have a soft spot for hostels.) Today I woke up and went to the gym… it was much needed. Krista and I are also attempting to do a juice cleanse while in Ireland to attempt to lose the ten extra pounds we put on while in Holland… Let’s just say its not going the best. Today we went to The Guinness Storehouse and Brewery where there were obviously free samples. So we have been drinking juice and beer as our cleanse… and some granola bars because PROTEIN.

We set out about an hour early to the Storehouse. It was supposedly about a 45 minutes away according to lady at the front desk of our hotel. We didn’t really know how to get there but I figured we could head in the right general direction and ask people along the way. Krista suggested an Uber but I convinced her that the walk would be good for us. However, the minute we stepped out the door it started down-pouring. We walked two miles in the blustery downpour and asked several people along the way if we were still on the right path. One man was incredulous that us two young ladies were WALKING there but managed to give us spot on perfect directions to get there. We arrived and of course the sun came out and rain stopped as we walked in the doors.


I surprisingly already knew this thanks to one of the professors at Bemidji State!


The brewery was really interesting. It had seven floors which are arranged around the world’s largest pint glass. Every floor had interactive exhibits that talked about the process of making Guinness, the advertising of Guinness throughout the years, and the top floor dedicated to the Gravity Bar. The Gravity Bar had a beautiful overlook of the entire city and it was entirely breathtaking. The bar was circular and in the middle of the giant glass room which was also circular. The walls were made of glass and there were hundreds of people drinking Guinness and chatting. We talked for awhile with an Irishman with an adorable accent and the bartenders were all really cool too. The community and happiness at the top of the Storehouse was infectious. Here are a few pictures from today. Jealous? 😉





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