Luck of the Irish

We have arrived in Dublin, Ireland! These last few days here will be a little harder to post about because we’re traveling so much. We flew out of Amsterdam in the morning. Our plane ride was smooth but I will say the Amsterdam airport was the strangest I’ve ever seen! After printing out your boarding pass (which could be done at any station and not just the airline you’re flying with) you checked your own luggage! There was an electronic scale and if your luggage was light enough a belt would move and take it away after you put your tag on it! Unfortunately mine was NOT light enough and I had to awkwardly take out about five books I bought and stuff them in my carry on. Boo.

We flew into Dublin mid-morning and then attempted to find the right bus to take us to our hotel. It took us about a half hour of walking around but we finally managed to find the right one. The bus brought us to The Spencer Hotel which is located in the business district. It was very posh and we felt a little out of place with our bulbous suitcases, messy buns, and sweatshirts. There was a cocktail lounge near the lobby where fancy businessmen and women in suits sipped their drinks and looked pleased to be rich. We made it to our room and took a little nap because changing time zones always have that effect on me.


Later we walked about a mile to Temple Bar which is a two mile stretch of Irish pubs, restaurants, etc. The atmosphere was so invigorating and I immediately felt almost giddy. The Irish are so JOLLY! We went to a couple different pubs to drink some Guinness and eat fish and chips. Afterwards we went back to our hotel where we promptly fell asleep.

Today we got up early and went to the gym (FIRST TIME IN TWO MONTHS!!!) and right now we’re getting ready to go and have a great day exploring Dublin! Will keep ya’ll updated!!!




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