Europe Haul

Okay I’m kinda mocking the people that are always like “New Clothing Haul” video on YouTube. I literally bought only three clothing items in my time here and one wasn’t even for me. For any of ya’ll that know me – THAT TAKES WILLPOWER!

I also probably couldn’t fit any more in my suitcase because it was packed before I left. I did buy a pair of black booties as well although they aren’t pictured.






The first purchase was my Oxford sweatshirt. I obviously couldn’t attend the University of Oxford without buying SOMETHING to represent it besides my transcript. So I bought this lovely thanggg.











This purchase is my pride and joy from the Netherlands. I saw it hanging on the wall and thought it looked like something I would never wear. So… I bought it. It’s so out of my comfort zone but I am forcing myself to wear it this summer!!!!











This last lovely purchase was made in Dublin! I bought it for my boyfriend because he loves to fish! Krista and I were walking down the street in Temple Bar and suddenly there in front of us was a tackle shop. In the middle of Temple Bar district! I claimed it as fate and bought him this shirt since I knew he would probably laugh.




I only have two days left in Ireland and then I’m flying back to the States. Hopefully I can squeeze another clothing purchase in my bag because I really would like to buy a dress in Galway.




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