Weekly Reflection 4/25/16

This week has been one of the best seven days I’ve ever had. It has been so chock-full of amazing sights, interactions, food, and good times. The Netherlands have certainly won my heart. I have only a week left now in Europe which is making me anxious. How did it go by so fast?!! Am I ready to get back? I don’t want to go back to working full time. I think I’m going to have major travel withdrawal. I leave Holland on Wednesday and then my last few days are to be spent in Ireland. To sum up a few of my adventures this week:

Lutscher Alm a “Food” Post


On my first day in The Netherlands we went out to eat with a bunch of my friend’s extended family. We ate at Lutscher Alm streakhouse which is an Austrian restaurant with some of the best food I’ve had in years. It was a crazy affair paired with laughing, dancing, drinking, and eating. The wait staff were dressed traditionally in “dirndl” and “lederhosen”. I ate some really delicious fish called Farrell and was serenaded by a accordionist. Here’s their webpage: http://www.lutscheralm.nl/ … it’s all in Dutch though… so good luck!

The Canals of Giethoorn a “Sights” Post


We got up early and drove two hours to the town of Giethoorn which is more of a village really. It’s distinguishing feature is that it has canals for streets. It was really fun to drive the little “whisper boat” through the little canals. After driving around for a while we ended up sitting at a little café and people watching.

Biking to Enschede a “Sights” Post


Can you get any more Holland than this????

The last time I rode a bike was when I was in middle or high school. Let’s just say it was interesting to ride one again. In traffic. Enschede is a lovely little town which I’ve been frequenting ever since. Last night I went out on the town there and the day before I went shopping there. We ate at a few fun little cafes and well as Blue Sakura Japanese Restaurant which I made a blog post on. On our bike ride home we rode over the German border to see a really ancient windmill.


Bentheim Castle a “Sights” Post


This was my first castle that I ever went to! It was very old (1050 AD) and full of fabulous history including a museum. The view from the top was spectacular and I could see the entire town of Bad Bentheim below.

Blue Sakura a “Food” Post


In this post I give Blue Sakura Japanese Sushi Restaurant a five star rating. There were so many wonderful dishes to eat and the dining experience was VERY unique. Wanna find out why? Read it! 🙂




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