Night out in Enschede

I have been told countless times now that the Dutch are notorious party animals. My friend Krista’s Dutch family had at least seven beers during a casual dinner so I was a little nervous about going out on the town with them all. The family I am staying with has a bunch of relatives that are slightly older than Krista and I so they naturally hang out with us quite a bit. Bart is 24 and his sister Ischa is 23. Ischa’s boyfriend is 24 and really nice as well. There were Jeffrey and Maurice who are brothers who are 24 and 28. Maurice is certainly the craziest out of everyone. Makahh is 28 but looks more like a 22 year old model. She has three children, a gorgeous house, husband and good job but clearly still knows how to have a good time. Lastly there was Dom and two other 25 year olds who I can’t remember their names at the moment. It was quite the group of us.


They all came over to Arion and Rita’s house (where Krista and I are staying) and then we had a few cold ones and talked around the table. I am in love with this one drink of theirs called “Hugo”. It is basically just white wine mixed with elderberry juice, lemon, lime, and sprite. SO GOOD. I’m certainly going to have to make it even after I get back to the states. We all piled into three cars after a bit and drove five miles to the city of Enschede. The night life in Enschede is unlike anything in the US. There were terraces with chairs and heat lamps outside every pub as far as the eye could see. There was hundreds of people both inside and outside and good music was playing. We all sat outside at Paddy’s Pub and ordered a round and talked. It was a funny mix of Dutch and English conversation and translation because not all of the cousins could speak English. Even with the occasional language barrier it was so much fun hanging out with all of them. We ended up going inside after a couple hours and dancing. I had five inch heels on and wasn’t even considered short because a lot of the Dutch are extremely tall. SCORE!  It was very strange that to use the toilets you had to pay 50 cents per group every time. One of the Dutch friends got annoyed and told the bathroom attendant that “we’d rather go in the street than pay 50 cents to go pee!”. I had to laugh at that… We had a very interesting night that ended with someone buying 50 garlic chicken wings. We ended up bringing the chicken wings into the taxi and eating them the whole ride home. We flopped into bed at about 6 AM and the sun was coming up and the birds were singing. I will say that the Dutch are crazy but I did have a good time.


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