Blue Sakura

If you ever find yourself in Enschede, The Netherlands you should definitely go to Blue Sakura Sushi Restaurant. In Minnesota, getting good sushi is like buying a diamond ring. You get what you pay for. Every time I bought sushi in Europe it has been 100 times better than any sushi in the states.


What made Blue Sakura stand out? First of all, the atmosphere was very inviting. It had purple and blue strip lighting around the interior which could have to potential to make it look janky but surprisingly it didn’t. There was bar seating as well as table and booth seating. The lights were dim and it made me feel relaxed. We got real chopsticks- not those weird plastic or wood ones. One of the most unique things about eating there was the ordering process. They gave us a tablet encased in a wooden case which had over 90 different dishes to choose from. There was a timer in the corner which let us know that we could stay for two hours for a set price. Also, we were able to order as much food as we wanted, although only in series of five dishes at a time.


We all ordered the first time with five appetizers. I could have stopped there. There were so many delicious dishes to choose from. I ate many different kinds of Maki and also some Nigiri (cheese salmon was my fave). The temaki was wonderful as well although I ate two and decided it was much to filling to keep ordering. I had a delicious scoop of green tea gelato for desert. It was the perfect way to end the meal because it wasn’t too sweet. It was really comical how we had literally 20 appetizers on our table at one point. We could barely find room to set down our wine! The service was very quick. Our first round came out within five minutes. Every time we finished the five apps we would order again on the screen and more dishes would come out within five minutes. It was a really straightforward and easy process. The staff still kept an eye on us though which I noticed when I was brought a fork for my l0 mein after struggling with chopsticks for about ten minutes. He laughed at me for a second while I struggled and then produced a fork which I gladly accepted with red cheeks.

I would give Blue Sakura a five star rating.




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