Biking to Enschede

Let’s start off with saying that the last time I rode a bike was when I was twelve years old on a church bike trip. It was nothing extreme. A friend of Rita and Arion’s (the people I’m staying with) dropped off an extra bike for me to use while Krista and I are in Holland. We adjusted it to our heights and followed Rita around the town. I realized that I kind of suck at biking. The last time I biked was so long ago and although you never forget how to ride a bike you certainly lose some of your skill. I couldn’t even ride one handed without wobbling like a baby giraffe. However after practicing for a little bit it all came back to me. It’s totally different biking here though because biking is just as common as driving a car. The bikes ride in the middle of the road with traffic and follow the same traffic laws as cars. I felt like I was going to get hit by a car at first because they swerve around you to get past you but so far so good. I’m still alive.

We rode about ten miles to a town called Enschede. It was a nice little town with a large market. There were plenty of places to eat and shop. We locked up our bikes and walked around a while. I found shoes for about ten euros and some jeans for ten euros as well. Such a good deal! We didn’t buy anything but we decided we’d be buying some next time. We ate at Blue Sakura Sushi and then went rode back to Losser, the town we’re staying in. I am going to have to write about Blue Sakura because I have never been that full in  my entire life. SO MUCH SEAFOOD!!!!! On our ride home we took a side road that led us to a lovely old-fashioned windmill. We actually ended up biking right across the border and into Germany. The sun was setting behind the windmill and I felt so peaceful and happy. Biking has been one of the best things about my time in Europe so far. It’s relaxing and gives me a sense of independence since I don’t have to rely on a bus for transportation.

Right now I’m sitting in a little café enjoying a cherry flavored beer and catching up on some homework. I was pretty happy because the bartender told me that my accent was pretty easy to understand compared to my friends haha. The sun is raining down on me and I have never felt so relaxed. It has to be at least seventy degrees with a slight breeze. Hopefully I’ll get a little sun. After blogging I’m planning on biking to Enschede again and this time maybe actually buying shoes and jeans.

Fun Fact: 4 things I CANNOT resist: Swimsuits, shoes, jeans, and rings.




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