Weekly Reflection- 4/18/2016

This week has been an absolute whirlwind of final grad school decisions (I will be staying at BSU for my Masters degree), finals (they went well), packing to leave England, and scrambling around trying to have a good last week. I am now sitting in a small town called Lusser located in Holland. I just ate a large meal and spent the day visiting people in Germany. I’ll be sure to post about my experiences here after I finish this Weekly Reflection.

My last night in Oxford was interesting. I had to catch a bus to the London Heathrow airport at 4:00 A.M.. The night before I was planning on going to bed early so I wouldn’t be an exhausted traveler. At about 10:00 P.M. I was already laying in bed reading a book I had bought the day before. I heard a knock and my roommate opened the door to our dorm. Fifteen drunk students from Moorhead piled into our room. They all piled on our beds and begged us to go and get ice cream with them. I don’t know what in me decided that was a good idea but it was our last night in Oxford…I threw on a sweater over my pajamas and out we went into the chilly night. I got a really good chocolate-orange bowl of ice-cream. The  Moorhead students decided to go to a hookah bar next. I was so tired and it was 1:30 at that point. My bus would leave in just a few hours. It was the last night in Oxford though… So off we went! We stayed there for about an hour and then I ran back to the dorms to catch an hour of sleep. I think it was worth it. We bonded with the Moorhead students and had a good last night in Oxford.

Now to look back on this week:

Informal Visits:

I took a look at a few of #en3177’s projects. Take a look at some of them! There are blog and wiki projects and they’re all really GOOD! I was very impressed with what everyone is doing and I can’t wait to see everyone present their projects when I get back to the states.


Meeting Toby: A “Gossip” post

I had been hoping to meet this “Toby” character that is a friend of my cousins for a long time. He is from Somerset England and drove to Oxford to get some coffee with me. It was really cool to hang out with someone that is an England native for the day. We had good talks and long walks.


Oxford’s Botanic Garden: A “Sights” Post

I decided to have some alone time and go for a walk around Oxford. I walked for miles and ended up at a beautiful Botanic Garden. It was an entirely different world in the garden. There were Glass Houses full of tropical trees, vines, and flowers. I took lots of pictures so I naturally included them in this post.

1980-01-01 00.00.06

Goodbye England: A Gossip Post

I began to write this as a nostalgic post reminiscing on all the good times in England. I decided that would be too cheesy so I decided to make it more practical and write a list of things I shouldn’t have packed.












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