Goodbye England

Tomorrow I am leaving the United Kingdom. I can’t believe that my bag is entirely packed and ready to go. I fly out in six hours. My time here has been so wonderful and rewarding blah de blah blah de da blah. Alright I need to stop being a freaking sap. Here’s some practical advice:

On packing: There are some things that I definitely DID NOT need to pack. They added a ridiculous amount of weight to my bag and I didn’t even wear them… Here are some things I could have left at home:

  1. My wedges. I wore them once to a church service on Palm Sunday. I could have worn a different pair of shoes.
  2. My 7 pairs of leggings. I should have brought 3 pairs. WHAT WAS I THINKING?
  3. My very formal Michael Kors dress. I should have brought a casual dress that I could actually wear as an outfit and not only to a freaking banquet.
  4. My BSU sweatshirt. Fun fact: I hate wearing sweatshirts. I thought it would be cool to wear BSU apparel to represent. It’s not.
  5. Kinda bad… but my bible… it took up a lot of room and I have the app on my phone anyway…

Things I should have brought:

  1. Tennis shoes.
  2. Casual dress.

So tomorrow I will be catching a bus to London and then off to AMSTERDAMMNNNN! Will probably be posting when I fly in tomorrow!





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