Meeting Toby

I have quite a few family members that all are quite obsessed with this one gentleman named Tobias- more commonly called Toby. Toby lives in Somerset, a county in SW England, and is my cousin in-law’s good friend. My cousin Cameron got married recently and his wife, Brooke, did mission work across the pond. She stayed with Toby and his family for quite a bit. ANYWAY… long story short Toby attended their wedding which I unfortunately couldn’t make. Every. single. family member that attended their wedding is obsessed with this Toby character. He wore a freaking kilt to their wedding. When I told my family I was studying abroad in England they said I NEEDED to meet up with Toby. I agreed we’d try to meet up at some time.


So I finally met up with him. He actually drove two hours Oxford just so we could go out for coffee. He resembled a dwarf with his five foot three stature, long hair, and dark beard. His eyes were piercing blue and he was very charismatic. I can see why everybody likes him. We walked around for a while and we talked about how odd it was “to meet someone you’ve only heard about”. Toby turned out to be pretty cool. He likes to:

  1. Snowboard
  2. Skydive
  3. Surf
  4. Come up with all of these crazy ideas: ex: Starting a pub (that’s purpose is to teach the gospel) Street discipleship (Handing out food, water, and better walking shoes to drunk people coming home from bars and clubs)
  5. The original ten pin bowling
  6. Break dance/ pretty much any kind of dance
  7. Listen to music
  8. Hang out with friends in pubs

We talked about everything from how my American accent is “funny” to if I thought the British guy’s accents were sexy (ehhh). We talked about books, what foods we liked, our faith, and what our lives growing up were like. He was an absolute gentleman and bought me coffee and a muffin at Costa which is a pretty darn good coffee shop line throughout the UK. Afterwards, we went to a street fair where he had to drag me out of because I got hung up in the book tent where I probably would have stayed the rest of the day.

It was a really great day. I was really happy to meet a native European and get to know them personally. If I ever find myself in England again I now have a friend’s house to stay at.




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