Informal Visits

So many of ya’ll know I’ve been blogging to 1.) Capture and Compare the similarities and differences in European and American and culture. And 2.) I also just want to be able to remember everything about this amazing study abroad experience. I haven’t blogged a lot about what I’ve been studying here at Oxford but I will tell you every class has been so remarkable. For my Renaissance History Class I currently have a FREAKING 42 SINGLE SPACED 11 POINT FONT pages of notes…. aaaand it’s finals week. Great.

So this week my assignment for #en3177 was to informally check out some other classmates blogs! I encourage you to check them out too because many of them were super interesting!

The Spindle of Necessity

This blogger is “using a variety of methods to record information about specific sub genres of blogging and attempting to draw conclusions about the nature of the emerging genre of blogs”

His last two posts were Political blogs but I noticed in his “recent posts” sidebar that he’s analyzed some Travel Blogs as well. He writes in a professional way that is enjoyable to read. The posts have a maturity that can be found in the way he uses chunking and other organizational tactics. If you enjoy analyzing other people’s blogs this is a good one to check out.


This blogger is using “blog posts about writing, her own writing, her ideas and experiences about writing, and research on different approaches to writing.”

I have been a big fan of this blog because it’s just so darn BEAUTIFUL. The theme is aesthetically pleasing with roses as the header. When you look past the beauty, it’s pure inspirational. This is the stuff you read if you’re trying to have a good day. Her post Benefits of Journaling made me really consider starting to journaling everyday. It was a pretty simple post with one image and a list divided by different categories. However, on the web this kind of post is becoming more and more popular. I feel like this is a link I would click on while on Facebook and end up reading. (and NOT regretting clicking on)

Jane Patch: BSU Spring Semester 2016

This blogger is “creating a working example of lesson plans in wiki so she is able to make an informed decision about whether or not using this platform will be functional and reliable.”

Hey teachers and ed majors! Seriously. Check this one out. Jane is KILLING IT. This wiki is looks functional and something that would actually be used in the classroom. It sounds like Jane might be feeling a little bit discouraged about the project but I think it’s looking great! I think “working files” is a great organizational tool. I clicked on the firs link and found a page full of websites that are great resources for the classroom. I think that this wiki is looking like a great organizational tool- perhaps even for parents of students who want to have helpful links all in one place.

Galactic GladDOS

This blogger is “using her blog as a way to record and organize her money spending in order to see if the act of documentation can lower unnecessary spending.”

I think this is a really interesting project! I like that it will potentially help the blogger while also providing an interesting blog for others to read. I think using graphs has really helped to make her blog visually appealing. I also thought it was cool how she divided her “Necessary Purchases” and “Regret” and “Overall Purchases” in monetary amounts.

Jump Ball Sports

This blogger is “creating an running a blog dedicated to top stories and headlines in sports on a daily basis, focusing primarily on football, baseball, and basketball to appeal to as large of an audience as possible.”

First of all, I don’t even like professional sports very much. However, this blog TOTALLY caught my attention. Jump Ball Sports doesn’t even look like the stereotypical blog. Micah managed to make his blog look like a professional sports website. Great format! His posts were very informative and told the reader everything s/he would want to know about that particular game. If I am every trying to impress a sports fanatic I would totally memorize a few facts from this page.

I was VERY impressed with all of these blogs. I think everyone should be proud of what they’re doing even if blogging isn’t their favorite part of the day. 3 weeks left of the semester! Keep up the good work. If you aren’t part of #en3177 I still encourage you to check out some of these blogs!




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