Weekly Reflection- 4/11/2016

This week was really melancholy because it was my last full weekend in Oxford. It sounds super cliché but I can’t believe that it’s gone this fast. I feel like I just got here and leaving this soon is breaking my heart. I have fallen head over heels in love with this university, this town, and the people. Before I start tearing up I will say this is going to be the best week ever. I’m going to make sure to make some time to do some really cool things- if I break myself away from homework for a little bit. (It’s finals week!!!!) Here’s a little synopsis of what happened in the last week:

Fashion c. 1500-1600 : A “Fashion” Post

This week I talked a little bit about how European Fashion in the 1600’s relates to the fashion today. I thought that the women here in modern times are thin- but back then they had corsets on top of being thin! I also touched on how fashion was a huge indicator of what class you belonged to. I think this certainly rings true for the most part today as well. I also found a really cool essay that relates to what I posted about: Social Class and Clothing

Fun Fact: People didn’t trust actors in the 15-1600’s because they could dress in a difference class’s clothing and pull it off that they were someone else. They could beg for coins one day and the next day attend a banquet of royalty.

Portsmouth : A “Sights” Post

Portsmouth was  fantastic city where my Renaissance History Professor’s lectures came to life. He lectured about Portsmouth for about an hour and the next day there we were! We stood in the place where the famous Lord Horatio was shot and also the place where he took his last breath. We learned about the bouts of syphilis that had been going around and the grotesque way of “treating” it with the nether regions, mercury, and large needles. In Portsmouth we saw those needles. (Trust me- they’re WAY larger than you would want anywhere NEAR down there.)

Commitment : A “Gossip” Post

This post is basically what goes on in my head when I’m tired, cranky, but KNOW I need to do something. I didn’t want to go jogging but I did and IT WAS SO WORTH IT! I ran into the cutest old lady who was so happy in the cold weather jogging along that path. If she can do it- so can I. Also, it feels really good to carry out something that needs to be done. At the time it sucks but in the long run it pays off. Running is going to (hopefully) make me look less like a chipmunk when I return to the states. The chocolate and food here is too bomb.

Circulating the PT: A “Gossip” Post

Do you want to hear the slightly mean- (I’m not going to say b*tchy because HI MOM) side of me?? Here’s a post about a fun night at the Purple Turtle gone wrong.. It involves a drunk white girl (NOT ME) and an authority problem. I have since spoke to this girl and hopefully such a situation will not happen again. Time will tell…. BUT REALLY GUYS. If you go out… BUDDY SYSTEM IS LIFE. The questions you should always be asking yourself while drinking is, “Phone? Keys? (but don’t drive) Wallet? BUDDY?”







3 thoughts on “Weekly Reflection- 4/11/2016

  1. Sounds like you are having a fabulous time, Emma! I am going to encourage my kids to travel as much as possible while in college because I sure wish I would have. I am totally in love with your blog- the scheme (red is my fav color), the stories, the history… all of it is very cool. Keep up the good work! It is awesome that you will have this project to look back on your days abroad for years to come. A bonus grade for keeping a diary 🙂


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