Weekly Reflection – 4/3/2016

This week was extremely busy but all in all it was great. I am ECSTATIC because I got the notification that I’ve now hit 100 likes on my posts so far! That makes me feel good ya’ll so thanks for reading. XOXO

Secondly, I found out I will be attending grad school at Bemidji State University this upcoming fall! I’m super excited to continue my higher education and be surrounded by such wonderful students and faculty.

Moving on to serious bizzzz… WHAT DID I DO THIS WEEK? I know you are all DYING to know so without further adieu I give you:

Shakespeare In Stratford Upon Avon: A “Sights” Post

Yes, that IS a picture of me on the right casually standing in front of Anne Hathaway’s cottage. It was so COOL to see the place where Anne and good old Billy Shakespeare himself spent time courting. I was also able to see their wedding bed, as well as touch their floor- yes I did touch the ground he walked upon. (I’m not as weird as other people who literally KISSED it.) Besides Anne’s cottage I also got to see his birthplace and both of their graves. How fleeting life is…

Exploring Burford and Bath: A “Sights” Post

Seriously  two of my favorite places I’ve visited so far. Burford and Bath are beautiful little towns located right over the rolling Cotswold hills. Both are “wool towns” so if you don’t know what that is you should read my post to find out… although you can probably guess.  Burford was cutesy and quaint… even though we did visit a church which three men had their heads exploded at. Yeah. There’s literally bullet holes in the STONE. Bath was GRAND. It’s the home of the world’s oldest Roman Baths and I learned a lot about ancient Roman history by visiting the Baths. I learned so much that I needed to make an entire separate post to include all the history behind the Baths which are included in the below post.

Roman Baths in Bath: A “Sights” Post

This post is all about the history that I learned while visiting the Roman Baths. It was so AMAZING to take a walk right through history from 50 AD that’s still standing. I also got to drink some of the water from underground springs which supply the Baths with water- (it wasn’t as good as I though it would be). I even touch on a few Latin terms so get ready to be done learnt.

Size 3 is Commonplace. Size 0 is Fashionable: A “Fashion” Post

I thought I was a pretty normal size till I came to the UK. Now I’m definitely considered on the “heavier” side. This post is all about what it means to be a certain “size” and what that means to others. On lighter note everyone is very active and that’s something that I should probably take back to the States with me. Also, workout clothes are WAY cheaper here. SO NICE!!!! I bought a cool new pair of jogging shoes.





5 thoughts on “Weekly Reflection – 4/3/2016

  1. Sounds like a fun time. I wish I could have done something like this for my project, because what I’m doing currently feels like walking on broken glass. And, hey, what’s wrong with kissing the ground Shakespeare has walked on? English majors gotta pray to their gods, you know.
    Great work, keep it up! Final sprint!


  2. I really like reading your posts for this project! I love being able to tell how much excitement you have for travelling and everything you talk about. Your words just seem to pop out, you’re a great writer.


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