Europe Haul

Okay I’m kinda mocking the people that are always like “New Clothing Haul” video on YouTube. I literally bought only three clothing items in my time here and one wasn’t even for me. For any of ya’ll that know me – THAT TAKES WILLPOWER! I also probably couldn’t fit any more in my suitcase because … Continue reading


Luck of the Irish

We have arrived in Dublin, Ireland! These last few days here will be a little harder to post about because we’re traveling so much. We flew out of Amsterdam in the morning. Our plane ride was smooth but I will say the Amsterdam airport was the strangest I’ve ever seen! After printing out your boarding … Continue reading


Blue Sakura

If you ever find yourself in Enschede, The Netherlands you should definitely go to Blue Sakura Sushi Restaurant. In Minnesota, getting good sushi is like buying a diamond ring. You get what you pay for. Every time I bought sushi in Europe it has been 100 times better than any sushi in the states. What … Continue reading


Bentheim Castle

Going to Bentheim Castle was a really cool experience because it was my first castle I had ever gone to. It’s located in Lower Saxony, Germany in the city of Bad Bentheim. It’s a hill castle so you can guess what that means. You guessed it! It’s built on a hill (made of sandstone). This … Continue reading