Weekly Reflection 3/28/16

“How was London?” Everyone seems to be asking me this simple question. Let me tell you… it was PHENOMENAL. What a wonderful place to spend time. As I  captioned my most recent Instagram pic “London is the gateway drug to Wanderlust”. Rather cheesy, rather white-girl but rather true. I have never wanted to travel more after exploring London.


We stayed in The Generator Hostel. A hostel is defined as;

  1. Noun. An establishment which provides inexpensive food and lodging for a specific group of people, such as students, workers, or travelers.

in the Webster Dictionary. My definition is… 12 people sleeping in one room small.  How was it? Well that’s a question which can be answered with multiple opinions. I traveled to London with my friends Tali, Nyssa, and Krista. We each had our own view of what staying in a hostel was like- some good, some bad.


  • Night One was so fun! We met a bunch of people from other countries and all went up to the bar where I rapped an embarrassing amount of Nicki Minaj songs. I somehow became the DJ’s personal drink- fetcher which was nice because he paid for my tab as well. Lovely. Thanks DJ. We danced the night away with wonderful people from all over the world.
  • Night two was okay. Same people in the hostel with us. They went out to some bar and woke us up when they came back at 3 a.m.
  • Night three was less okay. There were new people and the room had turned into a foot-forest. It smelled and the humidity level had risen tenfold.
  • Night four was awful. Some guy seemed to be purposely dropping his change on the floor all night. My hair was wet with humidity and we realized that someone had plugged in a humidifier thinking it was a dehumidifier. I think I slept about one hour the entire night.
So the hostel was okay. It was cheap and I think we certainly gained some cultural experience. I am going to break my London experiences into a few different  posts so this one can serve as a type of reflection. I’ll link over to any other related posts.
Earlier this week:
Prayer is Powerful : an uncategorized post about praying for the world to come together in giving support to Belgium
Purple Turtle : A “Sights” post about the Purple Turtle Bar. I learned a few things about the customs and culture of the young adult night life.
The Book House : A “Sights” post about a lovely book store right down the street from my dorm at Oxford University.
Off to London! : A “Sights” post about preparation and excitement about going to London!
Thursday Through Today (Monday) :
Pret a Manger Love : We ate most of our meals at a lovely organic place called Pret. I haven’t made any “Food” posts yet so this one will be my first where I’ll discuss the best- and worst food I ate while in London.
A Walk in Hyde Park and The National Gallery : It was a beautiful sixty degree day which was perfect for talking a nap in Hyde park. The National Gallery was an experience  in itself. My breath was taken away by seeing such famous art pieces in real life.
The British Museum: A “Sights” post about where I saw pieces from the Acropolis, sculptures made from African Civil War paraphernalia, and of course some mummies.
The Tate Modern : A “Sights” post about possibly the best day of my life. Modern art is my favorite so I go quite in depth about experiencing some of my favorite modern art pieces.
Happy Easter from London! : If feel a little guilty classifying this post as “gossip” but this talks about the amazing experience interacting with others at the Easter Sunday at one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world- (St. Paul’s Cathedral). I will also talk about how I tried to make my first Easter without my family a little more like Easter. (Prezzo)

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