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Happy Easter from London!

This was my first Easter in 20 years spent away from my family. We had to get up early Easter morning to get to the service at St. Paul’s Cathedral in time. We stopped by Pret for a quick bite to eat and then headed out on the three mile walk there. When we got to the square we could hear the bells tolling. The sun was shining and there were many backpackers all walking towards St. Paul’s. The church was massive- certainly the biggest I’ve ever seen. It was beyond beautiful on the outside and as I went in I wondered how everyone would fit.

1980-01-01 00.00.09-7.jpg

We got there about twenty minutes early and there was already a line snaking it’s way in the big revolving doors. My door hit the floor when entering the church. It was spectacular. It can’t be put into words. It is unfortunately one of those things that you really need to see to understand. The ceiling was full of beautiful paintings that stretched high above my head. The light poured in and we walked towards to front to sit down. I’m glad we got there a little early to have the opportunity to see everyone come in. The church had two rows that stretched all the way to the back of the church. The side wings also expanded quite far out. There were people of different races, different, ages, possibly even different religions. Every walk of life.

One of the most touching moments was when an older woman came in carrying a bunch of large suitcases. She struggled on in and one of the deacons immediately swooped down and fussed over her while carrying her luggage to a seat near the front. That attitude is truly one that should be seen more often on such a holiday. Some people’s outfits were absolutely on point. High heels, tights, fancy dresses and HATS. Oh the hats! The choir’s singing was beautiful although it was rather difficult to hear since they didn’t have mics. After the service we walked around and revisited the Tate again.

Later that night my friend Krista and I decided we needed to eat something besides Pret for Easter dinner. We walked around for about a half hour until we found a great Italian place called Prezzo. I ordered a delightful mushroom and noodle dish and she ordered a pizza.

12108863_1307677139246150_739140547144443797_n.jpgAfter dinner (which was BOMB btw) I skyped my family who passed me around the dinner table and let me speak to everyone that was over for Easter.

Hope you all had a happy Easter as well! He is risen!

xoxo Em

1980-01-01 00.00.09-7.jpg


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