Pret a Manger Love.

Pret a Manger was the main place we ate during our time in London. I know that there are some Prets in the States but in London there was literally one or two on every single block. Prets are cool because they’re similar to restaurants. They have kitchens in or near every shop where they make their sandwiches, soups, pastries, etc. fresh EVERY SINGLE DAY. Everything was also organic which made me feel a little better about eating it three times a day, It was also reasonably priced. I ate all three meals for around eight pounds a day. My absolute favorite thing about Pret is that the unsold food is offered to the charity at the end of the day. WIN WIN.


In London we walked about twelve to fifteen miles a day on average. It seemed as if everyone we ran into was carrying a Pret Bag! Every day I got a banana and a mozzarella and tomato croissant for breakfast. It had delicious tomatoes inside with a topping of mozzi and basil spread across the top. The buttery flakiness melted in my mouth and gave me the perfect start to every day.

pret a manger


Lunch and dinner was also a Pret affair. My first lunch was a delightful cheddar and tomato sandwich with wheat bread. The bread was soft with a fantastic mayonnaise and dijon mustard spread which had an oniony tang to it. There was also a slice of ham, some soft tomatoes, and cheese sandwiched between the two slices of bread. SO DELICIOUS! I ate these sandwiches for most lunches and dinners. I often accompanied these sandwiches with a soda called “Yoga Bunny” which was a carbonated apple drink.

One dinner I decided to switch it up and get something new. I got a baguette called the Sweet Chili Crawfish. At first I thought it was a lovely blend of crawfish, cucumber, and arugala. Suddenly it wasn’t as good as I thought. It left a weird taste in mouth and it was the first thing from Pret I was not a fan of.

thG70FH4MZFor the most part though; Pret was a great place to sit down and eat after a long stretch of walking around London. One thing I had to keep in mind though- they charge you to sit in the restaurant and eat. This is apparently customary at any place in Europe.





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