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The Book House

I am such a sucker for bookstores. My friends and I were walking down to the drugstore to buy some Vitamin C vitamins but then we walked by a bookstore. There is some unnamable force that pushes me towards the doors and in… and then I can not leave until I’ve browsed every section of the store and longed to bring every book home with me.


There were the funniest little signs on all of the tables in the store.


The bookstore was called The Book House. There were windows all over the outside and the inside was naturally full of books. I think people in bookstores are always the nicest people. Always slightly reserved, and somehow always interesting looking. I always have a look around and speculate why people are reading what they’re reading. Why was the old man in the suit reading Black Eyed Susans- a murder novel? Why was the year old reading the back of the Virginia Woolf book? I think reading the people in bookstores is almost as much fun as reading the backs of the books.

I spent about an hour in the little store but could have spent much longer. I wish the books were a little cheaper but books never are… I found a copy of Wuthering Heights for five pounds but one of my friends ended up buying it. The store had an entire section devoted to Murakami books which is one of my favorite authors. Unfortunately they were all around 14 pounds. My friends  mentioned they saw a secondhand shop nearby where they sell books for under three pounds. After I get back from London I’m going to haunt that shop. There was a little coffee shop upstairs in The Book House called Café W which I’m probably going to check out one of these days.


Crying because I wanted them all…


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