Weekly Reflection 3/22/16

Today marks the seventh day spent in England. Does time fly? I’m really not sure… part of me feels completely accustomed to being here. I’m familiar with my surroundings and I feel pretty comfortable with navigating around Oxford. The other half of me is thinking about how I still have 6 weeks here! Plenty of time! It’s crazy that my first post was Countdown: 7 Days. That was already two entire weeks ago. I wrote about all of the things that were holding me back from doing Eurospring and how I decided to cut my losses and do it anyway. I am very glad I am here even though I have to be extremely cautious with spending money. I might run out by the end. But my goodness this will be worth it. I still don’t know what I’m going to do upon my arrival back to the States. My car isn’t working, I graduate, and I’m still not sure where I’m going to grad school. This trip is teaching me how to live in the moment and go with the flow.


My second post this week was a general commentary on the fashion that I’ve been noticing around Oxford. Nerd chic is definitely in here. In Plain and Classy I talked about how Europeans aren’t big on flaunting their name brand clothes like people do in The States. Fashion here is much more demure and subtle. I really enjoy it because everyone here manages to be classy as well as stylish. I feel tacky wearing my “PINK” sweatshirt out and about. I’m pretty relieved that the majority of the clothes I brought are neautrals or at least not too over the top.


WHOA I’M AMERICAN was about my first personal interaction with a British woman. I talked about my first day out on the town. I made the realization that “pubs” aren’t all I thought they would be. They’re not a place to get crazy. They’re more about intellectual conversations and friendships. I was SUPER jazzed about having my first legal drink at the Eagle and Child… wanna know why?! Read it! I’m used to being “American” now. I really hope that people have a good impression because I try my hardest to represent what I hope people think of Americans. It’s okay to be American though… I sometimes feel like a tourist… like when I took a picture by phone booth. But that’s okay. I need to cherish these nights and cherish these people. I’m going to take it all in and write about it so I remember.

On Saturday we went on a lovely field trip to Avebury, Stonehenge, and Salisbury Cathedral. I saw some pretty neat things like the worlds oldest working clock and the magna carta, and fields of lambs. It was amazing to learn about the history- and mystery behind Avebury and Stonehenge. I think it’s really interesting that we may never know for sure how they constructed it. I think the mystery shrouding it makes the entire thing much more interesting. I also really enjoyed looking at the modern art sculptures outside of Salisbury Cathedral.


This next week is will be spent mostly in London. I’m going to be writing today about my experience at the Purple Turtle Pub and how my perspectives on European pubs may have slightly changed yet again! I will be staying in hostels which will be an experience in itself! Until next time!




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