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Plain and Classy

I have arrived in Oxford, England! It was a rough travel because #1) I contracted the flu before leaving the States and #2) because it was a 30 hour trip including layovers, planes, and the time difference. Anywho; I’m perfectly satisfied now because I am all moved into my dorm at Wycliffe Hall in Oxford with my three roommates. My room is cozy and has a nice window view of the street below.


I have noticed a few things about fashion in the UK. I did a little bit of research on European fashion before packing because I didn’t want to pack something that Europeans deemed totally ridiculous or would stand me out in a crown as a tourist. In my research I found that they don’t flaunt name brands with large logos like we do. Americans often have PINK, Nike, Hollister, Under Armour, Aeropostle, etc. plastered across the front of their tee or sweat-shirts. I also have noticed “attitude tees” running rampant. Seeing the lack of huge “get in your face” logos has been really refreshing.

Another fashion trend that I’ve noticed has been the large amount of dark colored tights girls wear while walking/biking around. In the US leggings are much more in style currently than tights. The tights here are usually paired with a short skirt of dress but that is barely seen under their long overcoats. Everyone seems to wear long coats- usually in neutral shades. I haven’t noticed too many flamboyant colors or patterns on people’s clothing. It’s very easy on the eye and its quite distinguished in my opinion.


I also haven’t noticed many girls with plastered on makeup. In America, there is a huge push for wearing makeup to cover every little blemish, wrinkle, or rash. Most women here wear very natural eye makeup with a little lipstick. Some of the younger girls wear brighter shades of lipstick but never with a heavy eye.

This is a first day observation of some of the fashion trends I’ve noticed in Oxford, England specifically. I am traveling to another city tomorrow so perhaps I’ll have more to write about!


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